Top Five Gifts for Your Favourite Cannabis Grower

Posted by Alpha Hydroponics on 2019 Dec 3rd

Top Five Gifts for Your Favourite Cannabis Grower

the holidays are fast approaching we officially have less than a month left to get on top of our christmas shopping! Have no fear because here at Alpha Hydroponics were loaded with gift ideas for the Cannabis Provider/Grower in your family/friend group!

1. 4- plant grow kit

know anyone special getting ready to move to an indoor grow? these tents are perfect for growing cannabis, and other veggies & herbs or nearly anything you can think of! Growing in a tent allows the grower almost complete control over the environment their plants are expieriencing, which is perfect for growers who are a little more involved and interested in the biology of the plant itself, they can tweak and test all sorts of different methods in a controlled environment!


2. Pro Cut Leaf Trimmer

Trimming is a pain in the butt, but the end product is always so worth it, and it'll be even better when you buy your friends and family the Pro Cut Leaf Trimmer, this will takes hours off of your trimming, you throw the bud in wet or dry spin the bowl for a minute or two and voila! your bud is perfectly trimmed everytime, this product involves very little maitenance and ensures nothing is lost or stuck to your hands during the trimming process.


3. Advanced Nutrients Micro + Grow + Bloom 1l

Advanced Nutrients has one of the simplest formulas on the market, their nutrients are ph perfect meaning no ph up or down, and no additional additivies. and no need to test with meters or other gadgets, just follow the simple instructions and your done! any grower can appreciate the simplicity of these nutrients. Make growing fun again by buying the advanced nutrient three part formula.


4. AutoPot - 4 Pot System

This system is for the grower who wants to set it and forget it! the auto pot system features an automatic and extendable self-watering system, it actually happens to be one of the most environmentally friendly systems out there, as it ensures it only uses as much water as necessary leading to zero run-off, leakage, or general loss, this also means your plants are absorbing all the nutrients you're feeding them. With this system there is no need for extra equipment like timers & pumps. The grower will only have to fill the resoivoir and they'll be set for the ultimate simple four plant grow!


5. CVault

The CVault is the ultimate Cannabis, and herbal blend storage unit. The CVault provides a humidity controlled environment, it is made of food grade stainless steel, it is impenetrable by light, and has an airtight seal, ensuring a fresh product everytime, each of our CVaults come with boveda humidity packs just for an extra punch of freshness and quality.

The Cvault can also be written on with dry erase makers so you never forget what it contains, they're also stackable making them perfect for anyone short on space.