Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice A+B Bloom 1L

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If you're tired of over-paying for generic "Building Block Nutrient Systems" that are comparable to the little $3.50 bottles of granulated fertilizers the average homeowner uses on their garden flowers... ...AND... you'd rather invest your hard earned money in a Grow-Bloom Nutrient System made specifically for the types of plants we grow and the gardens we grow them in... then... HERE IS THE BASE NUTRIENT BREAKTHROUGH YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Until now, growers who were looking for an inexpensive, 2-part base nutrient formula had to settle for the industry's common brand. And they had to suffer because of it: Most 3-part formulas are NOT made specifically for the demands of high-profit hydroponics plant growers like us... Many include artificial dyes of an unknown amount and a molecular structure which could harm plants like ours (compared to harmless, organic dyes)... And when you use these common brands your plants are not getting fed the right mixture of nutrients they desperately need for vigorous growth and impressive blooms! But now, all that is about to change... THE ANSWER IS ADVANCED NUTRIENTS' JUNGLE JUICE! After thousands of man-hours and hundreds of laboratory experiments, With this breakthrough formula, your plants get all the nutrients they need, exactly when they need them... JUNGLE JUICE GROW -BLOOM: gives your plants the Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulfur they need to bloom big and juicy buds and give you the maximum yield!